Self-paced and on-demand learning modules delivered to any device, including mobile.

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Lecture Presentations

Let us help you wow your audience with presentations that make your information unforgettable!
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Virtual Classes

Also known as a vILT  (virtual instructor-led training). Let us help you offer live, real-time instruction via the web with participants no matter where they are located.

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We are the secret sauce in your learning event.  

A master level educator partners with YOU, the subject matter expert, to create effective and efficient learning. Our expertise in "the science of learning" from early childhood through adult learners (pedagogy and adragogy) helps us make your topic memorable.

iCortex consults, analyzes, designs, and develops learning solutions and materials for your employees, students, patients, or clients

All learning solutions by iCortex ID are custom designed with evidence-based methods, and brain research to create efficient, effective, and often enjoyable experiences.


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